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SentryPeer SaaS launched by founder of SureVoIP

Help detect and prevent early attempts of VoIP fraud Aberdeen, Scotland: Ant Networks Limited today announced SentryPeer, a new service. SentryPeer offers a unique way for Internet Telephony Service Providers, Cybersecurity specialists, and Telecom resellers to help prevent VoIP fraud by detecting early attempts. Gavin Henry, founder of SentryPeer, spent the last 12 years building and scaling his previous company, SureVoIP, an award-winning Internet Telephone Service Provider, which was acquired in July 2021....

July 21, 2023 路 2 min 路 349 words 路 Gavin Henry

Rate That Crypto Game

What is it? Rate That Crypto is a new game I was introduced to by one of my friends, actually one of the co-founders. It鈥檚 a game where you can stake points on cryptocurrency fluctuation predictions: Climb your way up the leaderboard by making accurate price predictions and multiplying your points. The highest ranking players will earn our native $RTC token, with an additional bonus draw taking place for loyal community members....

October 11, 2022 路 2 min 路 336 words 路 Gavin Henry

Protect your SIP Servers from bad actors

Introduction SentryPeer庐 is a fraud detection tool. It lets bad actors try to make phone calls and saves the IP address they came from and number they tried to call. Those details can then be used to raise notifications at the service providers network and the next time a user/customer tries to call a collected number, you can act anyway you see fit. For example: Let鈥檚 say you are running your own VoIP PBX on site....

October 3, 2022 路 12 min 路 2436 words 路 Gavin Henry