What is it?

Rate That Crypto Logo

Rate That Crypto is a new game I was introduced to by one of my friends, actually one of the co-founders. It’s a game where you can stake points on cryptocurrency fluctuation predictions:

Climb your way up the leaderboard by making accurate price predictions and multiplying your points. The highest ranking players will earn our native $RTC token, with an additional bonus draw taking place for loyal community members.

You get some points when you start, and you can earn more by watching ads. Of course, you get a multiple if your predictions come true.

Day to day

Every day you can watch three more ads to get more points. I keep having to do that as I go all-in for my predictions. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but I’m having fun :-)

I even got it right once! (I’m using an Android phone):

Rate That Crypto Win


I need to read the news section of the app more and pay attention. I’m not doing well!

Rate That Crypto History


I was a bit late to the app, so wasn’t a beta tester. I did however find two bugs that have now been fixed:

  1. I got the app into a weird situation where I could keep watching ads forever. I racked up the points :-)
  2. The app wouldn’t take any stakes, but logging out and back in fixed it. Support were very helpful.


I’m running the Android version which is very fast to load and feels slick. My closing thoughts:

  • I like the idea of using points and earning more each day to keep playing
  • The news feed is good
  • I’d like to see the graphs of the coins have a period on them (I think it’s 24 hrs) so you can see the trend
  • I’d like email notifications

All in all, it’s fun, and I’m going to keep playing. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with the top players, but I’ll give it a go!